Akame ga Kill! Episode 2 English Dub

July 13, 2014

Leone introduces Tatsumi to Night Raid's other members (Sheele, Mine, Bulat, Lubbock, Akame, and their leader Najenda) and learns of Night Raid's mission to overthrow the capital's corrupt prime minister and set up a new, more democratic government in its place. As a result, Tatsumi accepts their offer to join. He is then paired up with Akame for his first lesson in training, which is merely cooking food and fishing for Night Raid, upsetting him. He then receives his first mission: to assassinate a corrupt captain of the capital's security force, named Captain Ogre. After succeeding, he gives his report, only to be stripped down by Akame to see if he was lying to save his pride and hide his wounds, which would've been fatally poisoned. After Akame concludes he wasn't lying, Tatsumi is accepted into Night Raid before being told that he will be trained by Mine next, much to his displeasure, as they butted heads during their first meeting.